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How to build trust at scale on Linkedin

This is my first blog post!

I am so happy to be sharing these tips that I have worked so hard to be able to share with you.

Linkedin has helped me change my life and take care of family members that I deeply care about.

Do you have family members that you have to take care of?

Let me share my story so you understand where I am coming from and maybe you’ll take me seriously if you know some of my background. Today is Friday, the 29th of September and I am writing this starting at 9:25 PM.

Yes, I am giving up my Friday night to share this with you.

About one year and 10 months ago, my father was placed in a nursing facility. He was supposed to be there temporarily, maybe around 1 month just to re-adjust and recuperate from a fall he had. Because he wasn’t ‘cooperating’ with the nursing staff, they sent him to a mental facility.

Long story short, the mental facility over dosed him on medications rendering him incapable of walking and talking. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I cared deeply about my father and he took care of me my whole life.

It would also be an understatement to say that I trust mental facilities or most hospitals for that matter.Neither should you. TRUST ME.

During this time, I had to fight for legal authority over him and pay for medical attention that medicare does not help with. He also developed a stage four pressure wound in the nursing home and I had no control over what these people were doing.

I paid for an attorney to get control over his medical decisions. I had to pay for doctors to come and do separate evaluations on him.

And I had a 300 person wedding that I had to pay for.

This is my father after we miraculously got him to my wedding:

picture with father:


Let’s just say, the pressure was on at that point.

I was already using Linkedin and started reading everything I could to figure out how to generate leads, get potential clients to trust me, and pay me money.

Believe it or not, I payed for everything using Linkedin.

I love Linkedin and that is because the tool has saved my butt multiple times. It has prevented me from getting a corporate, 9-5 job that would absolutely destroy my soul.

Most importantly, it’s helped me help my father.

Now, just because I love Linkedin doesn’t mean that you will see the same results by using some magic bullet.

That crap doesn’t exist.

You still have to put in work.

Linkedin is a TOOL, a very effective one at that. But the tool is only as effective as its’ operator.

If you use it to your benefit, you are still going to work hard to gain clients trust.

Before I get into the meat of this post, I know I have to prove to you that Linkedin is a great tool for content marketing.

Content_Marketing_on_Linkedin (1)

Hubspot tracks the conversions of hundreds of thousands of visitors and according to them, you are 3 times more likely to convert a lead using Linkedin. 

Section 1 – TRUST

When I was generating leads to make it happen for myself, I was spamming. I was sending messages to ask people directly for appointments to sell my service.

To some that isn’t spam but to others it is. It might surprise you that spamming actually worked. Not what you have normally heard from other Linkedin experts right?

The problem with spam is not that it doesn’t work because IT DOES. People wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t work. The problem with spamming is that it is extremely inefficient and does not build any trust whatsoever.

You’ll get appointments but the trust you have to gain to get prospects to pay you is not important. 

You NEED to earn peoples trust before they pull out their wallet.

So when you “spam” people and they actually schedule an appointment, they have no trust in you. You will have to work extra hard to gain it. Why not reverse this and gain their trust with EDUCATIONAL CONTENT from the get go and do it at scale.

That way when you talk to someone, he/she already has a lot of trust in you and the sales cycle shortens.

Another important point to make is that many people are not ready to buy on your initial message.

Most people, about 97% of them, are not ready at all due to trust and not having a need.

If you message those people by asking them for something, you are going to turn them off and cause them to ignore your next message.

The mistake most people make is they message a lot of people and get results but do not realize that the results are coming from the 3% of their target market. I want to tell you that the money is in the 97% and the people who are not initially interested. Let me explain this  with a picture:

Will always buy

The two middle sections represent people that will buy but when they trust you and there is a need. Don’t waste your opportunity. Furthermore, an opportunity does exist in the people that will never buy and that is in them sharing content to the people that will!

Section 2… How to gain peoples trust.

Part 1 Send prospects content.

Send prospects to the content section of your linkedin profile or to ONE piece of content. Either way works to get people to follow you.

Here’s how to get the link to all your content. Click play on the video


Write a high quality piece of content and share it using an automated software.

You can use ‘Linkedin helper’ to automate connection requests sending people to specific content. Ideally, if you make the content niche on a narrow subject or industry, you will see the best results.

Here’s what Linkedin helper looks like:



With full transparency, I mainly use a different tool but the founder does not want me sharing that I use his software because he wants to stay under the rader. Linkedin helper is cheaper anyways and very effective.

You can send connection requests to 2nd and 3rd degree connections and messages to your 1st degree connections using the software.

Sending people to your content does 2 things:


1) Establishes Credibility

2) Gets you more followers to spread your content to the masses when you share your status updates.


I don’t have a lot of shares, likes and, comments on my educational content (this will change soon) but I do get a lot of attention with my status updates that I have gained by sending people to my content.


7706 views4913 views4888 views

I get between 2,000 and 15,000 views on each of my status updates. Believe it or not, my status updates have caused people to pull out their credit card after 5 minutes of speaking with me over the phone.

Status updates represent another way to warm up your market. 

With status updates, you want to be personal, not business like. People love and resonate with stories above all else.

They will like, comment and share stories before they do the same for a sales pitch.

Trust me, if people want to find out what you do, they will find it and reach out to you if there is a need.


Here’s how you do a status update:

On your home page, you will see a box at the top where you can place update.  You can also include an image to express a thought, emotion or action. Once you finish, click post and it will be shared with all of your network.




One way to ensure you get the most activity on your status updates is to target people who are very active.

I learned this from Josh Fechter at BAMF Media.

Hire someone from for a cheap price who can create software that will help scrape information of the people who liked and commented on viral posts. Then you can auto-connect with them.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.37.00 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.37.12 AM


This makes the probability that your posts go viral higher.


Josh Searched Viral Posts and scraped 10,000 likes!


He has gotten 24 million views in 4 months. Do you think he might be getting business from that?

You better believe it.

I’ve been getting business with 30k views a week.

If those numbers intimidate you, it just takes focus and hard work. You can do it too. 


Next use Linkedin Helper to auto connect with these people and bam!


Here’s how to search for viral content on a free account:

First things first click on the magnifying glass. 

search menu



Then, click on content.

Content copy


Type in #keyword. For some reason when you put in a hashtag AKA number sign, you will get better results.



To find it in sales navigator, go to sales navigator. By the way, sales navigator is an upgraded version of Linkedin.

sales navi


Then go to lead builder

lead builder

Type in the keyword and a number of people will come up with the content title that they wrote about.

posted content keywords

Part 2


Ask them to join a group that will share valuable content. Why do so? It kills two birds with one stone:


1) It helps you gain trust by offering valuable content.


2) It helps you build a group that eventually will grow all by itself and establishes you as a credible business owner.


Here’s how to set up your group:



Here’s how to create a funnel so people receive content right when they sign up to your group.


Step: Go to template



Part 3… Use commonalities to build immediate trust..this works best if you have Sales Navigator


Search for specific professions that went to a particular school and write a message like this – 


“I noticed you went to Cal State Fullerton, so did I! I am writing to help accountants get (result) and I wrote a content piece that can really help you get started with (whatever it is that will help them)”


You can also search for people based on their location. Combine multiple trust indicators to greater effect;


“I am reaching out to entrepreneurs who live in Huntington beach that went to Cal State Fullerton, same here! I am writing to help accountants get (result) and I wrote a content piece that can really help you get started with (whatever it is that will help them) → Link ”


Target people that are in the same group as you;


“I noticed you are in ‘emarketing association group’ and would love to connect. I made a content piece that could really help you with (blank). Here is the link →


Target people who worked in a past company with a specific profession.


Here’s what to write and how to search for that:


And write “Hey I noticed you used to work with cutco, me too! I wrote a content piece to help (profession) with (whatever it is that will help them). Hope you learned a lot from cutco!


Part 4


Get someone you have a close relationship with make a testimonial video and send it to all his/her connections.



Part 5… Appreciation Marketing… Long term approach…


Upload your connection list.



And call them to appreciate them for being connected to you. When you do this, the number 1 question they ask is “what do you do?”


What is the benefit of this you ask? People will be more engaged with you and be more likely to do business with you. The goal here is to make every one of your connections feel special so they will be more apt to share your content.


Gary Vaynerchuk says it the best. “your following is more about depth then width”. In other words, he rather have you have 100 raving fans then 10,000 sort of into you readers. Believe it or not, the raving fans will get you a lot further.


Part 6… Send people to landing page that offers a 16 day email course.

This is John Lee Dumas’ strategy. He makes millions a year using the approach by the way.


Having a 16 day email course does 2 things


1) establishes a crap ton of authority


2) Gets people used to getting an email from you every single day.


Here’s how to create a course. Set up a lead page account then optimize a landing page that is high converting normally.

here you go


Send an email with a video every day for 16 days.

You don’t have to do the whole course before set everything up.


You can optimize everything first and then when you get an opt-in do a video a day with a landing page.


All these things build trust and a solid foundation to establish yourself as an authority.



Now let’s talk about how to do this at scale –


Hire a team using Upwork. Then get at least a team of five people to share your content every day with 1000s of people. You need to have them change their profile location so it is around you and have them work for your company through the experience section on their profile. This works really well to scale your results, get more followers, and gain the trust of so many more people.


Another way to scale is to consistently comment in large, engaging groups. Two of my favorite groups to contribute to are ‘sales best practices’ and ‘entrepreneur magazine’. If you consistently post questions you will get a lot of traction and a lot of people viewing your profile.

To ask the most engaging questions, go to Quora to find the most frequently asked questions on the internet. Then post the question in the group.


Even better, if you could post an article answering the question after it builds traction, it could motivate a lot of people to go to your website. In fact, it is a great way to find out what article to write about. Only write an article based on what other people are responding to, not what you think is the best.


Now, let’s build a massive amount of authority… here’s how to do it:


Step 1 – Write a really authoritative content piece with at least 3000 words. Writing a content with that many words gives similar authority as writing a book, not in terms of length but authority.

Make sure people can easily skim through the content. Within the content have an offer to a webinar or the 16 day course I previously mentioned.


Offer a way for your prospects to opt-in. You can do this with a leadbox from leadpages.

here you go


Here is how to do it.


Have a pop up window come up after someone is on the page for 30 seconds and ask them to opt-in to a 16 day course.

pop up window


Add a P.S. at the bottom of your article that says something like this, “P.S. if you’d like to receive my 16 day course, please subscribe by clicking here” .

p.s box


Doing these things will dramatically increase your chances of getting someone to opt-in and thereby becoming a client.


Now, Here is the formula to get people to come to your blog post:


First way


Do some paid advertising. Using paid ads, I have gotten clicks as low as 87 cents so it is relatively cheap.


You have to have a company page first, so keep that in mind.


Set your company page up correctly and optimize it for conversions as well.


Ideally, if you have written content that people can easily skim through, the better the conversions.


Back to what to do…


You need to sponsor an update, then pay based on 1000 impressions. You will pay far too much if you pay per click, trust me.


Here is the formula;


Story + A link to the blog post. + opt-in opportunities on the blog post + retargeting.



Let’s go into why you should write a story.


Why a story?


Stories seem to grab peoples’ attention more then anything else. People relate more.


The second way to get attention is through posting in groups


First, use the tip above about getting attention in groups. Post a commonly asked question that you find from Quora on a popular group. One of the main reasons you want to do this is to get the attention of the group owner.


If you provide value before posting a content piece, they will more likely be more receptive to people who are looking at your post.


Find engaging groups. Engaging means that many of the posts on the group have many likes and comments. Unfortunately, there are groups out there that have absolutely no engagement

but a very high number of members. This may trick you but don’t be fooled. I rather market in a group with 50,000 members and a lot of engagement then a group with 700,000 members and no engagement. Post your article there and make sure to post early in the morning EST.The reason is because a daily digest of a group goes out frequently with the top posts. If you are early to the game, you may be at the very top of the email that gets sent out and get more viewers.


This group below has many members but is not all that engaging.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.34.08 AM



This group has way less members but look at the engagement. It’s successful coaches and I have seen this group of almost 6k members get more engagement then groups with over 700k members in it. The owner of the group is quite engaging too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.35.31 AM



Post your articles in some of these engaging groups and you will get thousands, not hundreds of views. Neil Patel says he gets a few hundred thousand views a month using this approach on his blog.

Thank you,

Frank Aziz

P.S. If you’d like to gat a free 16 day course,Click Here

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